Obama and McCain on Energy Policy

With “drill baby drill” standing as one of the more enduring (and creepy) catch phrases of the 2008 election, John McCain and Barack Obama clearly have significant differences of opinion on U.S. energy policy. Sarah Palin mentioned energy 29 times in her debate with Joe Biden, saying “energy independence is the key to America’s future.” Questions remain, however, on where the candidates actually stand.

Utne Reader‘s sister publication, Mother Earth News, has broken down Obama’s and McCain’s votes and policy proposals on drilling for oil, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving fuel economy. My favorite part comes from the drilling for oil section.

John McCain voted:

— For oil drilling in ANWR (2000)
— Against oil drilling in ANWR (2002)
— For banning drilling in ANWR (2005)
— Against reducing oil usage by 40 percent by 2025 (2005)

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