Recycling Plastic Caps: It’s No Small Thing

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Some of us are more committed to recycling than others. And yet I ask, who among us is so committed that they are recycling their plastic caps? That’s right, the plastic caps from your water, your soda, your shampoo, your lotion bottles. Ah–just as I thought.

Fear not, eco-transgressor. Even if your local recycler doesn’t take them, a new program run by Aveda will. Aveda, which has brought a fair number of plastic caps into the world with its hair-care and body products, began the Recycle Caps With Aveda program after finding that most plastic caps are not recycled, and that many of them “migrate into our rivers and oceans” where they harm wildlife and the environment.

The collection point for the program is schools, where caps are amassed and then sent to Aveda’s recycler and used to make new caps. Learn more about the program, including which caps are eligible and how your local school can get involved, at the Recycle Caps With Aveda website.

Now, about those tea-bag wrappers and bent paperclips you always toss …

Source: Aveda

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