Selling Schoolkids on Nuclear Power

| 8/17/2011 4:20:12 PM

Our Friend the Atom 

The nuclear industry is teaching its vision of a bright nuclear future to schoolchildren by offering teachers free guides that extol “the beneficial uses of radiation,” The New Republic reports. The guides are the marketing brainchild of the EnergySolutions Foundation, the charitable arm of a large nuclear-waste processor, and theyve been doled out to eager recipients including the Mississippi Department of Education.

Among the materials for sixth- to 12th-graders is a trivia game that points out the ecological destruction wrought by wind towers (bird killers!) and solar farms (desert destruction!). One video game in the works by EnergySolutions “revolves around a broken-down reactor buried in the jungle,” according to The New Republic. Presumably, the possible outcomes do not include slow, excruciating death by radiation poisoning or cancer.

Industry-funded school propaganda initiatives have a decades-old history, the magazine points out—“but they’re making a comeback as the once-moribund nuclear industry gears up for a revival.”

If you’re not outraged yet, you may be when you find out that government is getting into the act, too, using our taxpayer dollars. The New Republic also reports that the U.S. Department of Energy has updated a pro-nuclear curriculum called the Harnessed Atom, which it will be promoting in schools nationwide, and its website hosts an interactive, animated city called Neutropolis where nuclear power is cool, fun, safe, and secure.

“We’re always looking for new ways to reach kids,” EnergySolutions’ executive director, Pearl Wright, tells TNR about the firm’s educational efforts.

steve eatenson
8/22/2011 11:46:45 AM

Maybe, since we're so forward thinking, we can advocate for the Trojan Company to create a superhero, Mr. Condom, to teach school kids about practicing safe sex. This might actually help the population problem and lower the prison population composed largely of children born to children in big bodies who had no clue how to parent a child.

El poeta
8/20/2011 10:48:49 PM

The works of the nuclear industry is an insult and an attack on humanity,as stated by Dr. Caldicot in a NY times op-ed: "the health effects of nuclear radiation are far more severe than nuclear power advocates admit." Benjamin Cremme and Share International Magazine have been saying so for many years, it is time for the world to listen .

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