U.S., Canada, Mexico Team Up—for Wilderness

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Perhaps you’ve heard about the vast high-level conspiracy to unite the United States, Mexico, and Canada in a single powerful mega-state, the North American Union? Well, apparently the environmentalists are in on the plot, too. The three countries recently formed a pact to cooperate on wilderness conservation measures, reports National Geographic Newswatch.

The news came without much fanfare (coincidence?) out of the 9th World Wilderness Congress in Merida, Mexico, on November 7. The countries’ “memorandum of understanding”–basically, an agreement to seek agreement–has provisions that address ecosystems, migratory wildlife, and natural resources that cross geographical boundaries; encourages cooperation on scientific research; and recognizes the importance of wilderness conservation amid climate change.

At the same time, the memorandum “respects native approaches to conserving wild nature, accommodation for indigenous customs, priorities for species survival, and national environmental policy,” according to a statement from the World Wilderness Congress.

On the bright side, the agreement may help address important issues such as the impact of border fences on wildlife and overfishing in international waters. But just wait till the N.A.U. conspiracy crowd gets wind of it. They’ll want to send those illegal-alien monarch butterflies back to where they came from and prevent Canadian grizzlies from forming sleeper cells in the U.S. Rockies.

Sources: National Geographic Newswatch, World Wilderness Congress

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