Living the Eco-Design Dream


Earth Odyssey Crew
Creating zero-waste systems is more than a job.

A little inspiration from someone who decided she didn’t want to play the nine to five game and stuck with that decision.

We first encountered Shayna Gladstone through her essay, “From College to Reality: A Radical Transition,” in which she explains her reasons for deciding against the cubical life. Naysayers might’ve called her musings idealistic, but Gladstone has proven herself by helping to organize Project Nuevo Mundo. The online network connects people who want to build living, ecological design systems with organizations who want those systems installed. 

Now, Project Nuevo Mundo is deep into its Earth Odyssey, as seen in the video above, building homes with natural materials, turning human “waste” into fertilizer with composting toilets, and regenerating soil with mycelium (mushroom roots).

Also by Shayna Gladstone: “How to Get Ready for the Global Eco-Village Movement.”

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