UtneCast 08: Bioneers Conference Preview / The New Satire

By Staff
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 UtneCast 08: Bioneers Conference Preview / The New Satire:
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In this episode: The Bioneers conference, held October 20-22 in San Rafael, CA, is a powerful antidote for despair. Bioneers cofounder Kenny Ausubel joins us to discuss some of the inspiring speakers on this year’s roster — including mycologist Paul Stamets, author Michael Pollan, radio host Amy Goodman, psychologist James Hillman, and Canadian forest activist Tzeporah Berman. And this year, the “Beaming Bioneers” program will bring these speakers via satellite into local mini-conferences at 18 sites from Anchorage to Atlanta. For more information, visit http://www.bioneers.org.

Also, Utne editor David Schimke on the new golden age of satire, and why comedians like Jon Stewart are doing a better job than the mainstream media of covering political news. Read Dave’s cover story about comedy in the September/October issue of Utne magazine.

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