Music Review: Colombe

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“Colombe” by the David Reinhardt Trio (Cristal)

Like his grandfather before him, David Reinhardt lives in a caravan on the outskirts of Paris. But his is a slick new camper trailer with modern conveniences, while his ancestor had a wooden “vardo” pulled by a horse. David’s grandfather was none other than Django Reinhardt, the famed gypsy jazzman who jammed with Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Stéphane Grappelli–and also, by the way, launched the guitar as a solo instrument. Big footsteps in which to follow.

Yet David’s jazz is fresh and new. On Colombe he leads an organ trio, and thus the music happily bears little comparison. Playing rapturous electric guitar, David trades lines with Florent Gac on Hammond B3 organ, ranging between romping bebop and soulful modal jazz. “A Fool’s Errand” is a finger-snapping mid-tempo jam and “XV” is rocking jazz fusion, while “Melina’s Theme” is solid funk.

The most daring melody here is David’s original, “Lady,” dedicated to his new bride. The acoustic meditation quotes Django’s famous “Nuages,” but David then sets off to explore his own path. Throughout, Colombe is alive with a stylish vibe, transporting you to Paris by moonlight. Django would certainly approve.

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