Denouncing Violence, Receiving Death Threats

Journalism in Colombia can be a dangerous job. Hollman Morris and Juan Pablo Morris, the Colombian journalists behind the controversial investigative television show Contravía, know that better than most. The brothers speak of “denouncing” in broad terms, calling attention to the violence propagated by both the left-wing FARC guerillas and the right-wing paramilitaries that has plagued the country. These denouncements are a dangerous business, attracting death threats and political harassment toward the journalists. 

There are fewer kidnappings in Colombia these days, but it’s important to continue exposing the human rights violations throughout the country, Hollman Morris told the Center for Investigative Reporting (video below). According to Morris, these investigations into atrocities “will become the history that nourishes the memories of the next generations of Colombians,” and stops the country’s tragic history of violence from repeating itself.

(Thanks, CJR.)

Source: Center for Investigative Reporting

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