Go Online, Young Man

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The great migration from print to digital has indelibly changed the written word and the people who create it. “It’s not journalism we’re losing, any more than it was agriculture or steel,” former newspaper editor Bob Sheasley writes in the new issue of Lost.

The online magazine’s new issue, Lost in Print, explores what is slipping away as writers stumble toward digital. “Writers are adapting to new platforms and quieter newsrooms, but writers are writers — out there in the world, taking it all in, putting it into words for us to read,” the editors note reads. “On that front, nothing’s changing.”

Visiting the broken-down steel towns or the once-vibrant newsrooms, Sheasley expresses a different sentiment. Journalism and steel haven’t gone away, but there’s no doubt that something has been lost.

Source: Lost

Image by Adam Tinworth, licensed under Creative Commons.

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