Good News For People Who Like Real Music

By Staff
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A new low-power FM station out east offers hope for music geeks, DIY broadcasters, and those of us who’ve had it with the corporate radio-favored mix of crappy pop songs and Steve Miller Band ditties. Vermont LPFM community radio station 105.9 The Radiator began broadcasting in September, after a seven-year journey to the airwaves.

Burlington’s alt-weekly Seven Days reports on how two dedicated scenesters dreamed up the idea for a noncommercial, low-power FM station committed to showcasing homegrown Vermont talent and then sustained the project’s momentum through the years. Today, the station broadcasts more than 50 local-interest shows. Wednesday evenings play host to Rocket Shop, an all-local program packed with Vermont-made music and live in-studio performances. The quirky Poli-Sci-Fi Radio airs on Sunday evenings, following an hour of music and poetry drawn exclusively from Burlington’s public library.

For another local radio success story, check out “Really Fresh Air,” a profile of Twin Cities public radio station 89.3 The Current, from the March-April edition of Utne Reader.

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