Slideshow: Your Parents Were Awesome

I fell so completely in love with the new blog My Parents Were Awesome that I contacted its owner, 26-year-old Brooklynite Eliot Glazer, within minutes of discovering it. First, I wanted to say thank you (and apparently he gets a lot of that). And I wanted to know more about his daily submissions-based stream of decades-old family photos. In just one month Glazer has collected more than 900 submissions.

Glazer is an editor at Urlesque and a comedian and performer with the (fabulous) Upright Citizens Brigade . “I’ve always been in awe of old photos of my parents and grandparents,” he wrote in an email. “To see my own parents and grandparents look so effortlessly cool (and even glamorous) while my generation tries so hard to look unintentionally fashionable (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course) is pretty entertaining, too. I’m consistently surprised by the overwhelmingly positive feedback, especially when people submit photos of someone who has recently passed away.”

He’s worked his own family into the mix. Here’s his mom, his dad, his grandpa, his grandma, and his great-grandpa. We’ve assembled a slideshow of our favorites from the first month of My Parents Were Awesome. Enjoy!

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