Mind & Body

North Americans Seek Affordable IFV Abroad

By Amy Speier

Learn about the affordable option middle class can pursue to welcome a bundle of joy into their lives.

One Monsoon

By Don Messerschmidt, from The Common

From a continent away, a young Peace Corps worker senses that all is not well back home.

The Positive Power of Walking

By Jay Walljasper

National summit showcases health, economic, and social justice benefits of walkable communities.

Capturing the Elusive Echo of Why

By Michael Sheehan, from Agni

Seeking meaning in life after decades of alcoholism and apparently random tragedy.


Predicting Antidepressant Efficacy

By Sam Scott, from Stanford Magazine

Using MRIs and patient histories to predict antidepressant effects ā€” or if they're likely to work at all.

Aging and Addicted to Opioids

By Kevin Spurgaitis, from The United Church Observer

When you picture drug abuse, Canadian seniors may not come to mind. But the over-prescription of painkillers has made them another face of the opioid epidemic.

Clear-Eyed Return to the Scene

By Jessica Cohen

A heroin addict finds sobriety and helps others do the same.

Believers Keep the Faith Despite Biblical Distortions

By Richard Smoley

Derived from an experience of revelation, many believe in God, even amidst biblical distortions over centuries.

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