Experience-Based Advice on How to Live a Good Life

A letter from Nancy Kline, to her goddaughter, illustrating behaviors that may dramatically improve the way we interact with others and lead to a fulfilling life.

| April 2016

  • Nancy Kline offers deeply stimulating, inspiring tools for the way we think – and live.
    Photo by Fotolia/michaeljung
  • In “Living With Time to Think” Nancy Kline identifies 10 behaviors that can dramatically improve your life.
    Cover Courtesy Octopus Publishing Group Ltd

Living With Time to Think (Octopus Publishing, 2014) by Nancy Kline, builds an independent thinking culture in organizations and relationships. Over the years Nancy has refined this highly acclaimed system called the Thinking Environment, identifying 10 behaviors that dramatically improve the way people listen, think, and interact with one another. In the excerpt Nancy gives well thought out advice to her goddaughter as a graduation gift.

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Dear Meghan,

When you were ten years old, I told you I would write something for you, something you could hold close to your heart, that you could turn to for backbone when feeling beguiled, count on to hold your hand when the light dims and the way recedes, and beckon you to joy no matter what.

I said this to you because you had said to me, ‘Nancy, when I am a woman, how can I have a good life?’ I was silenced by the question, by its importance and by your very grown-up concern. So, stalling, I said to you, ‘Meghan, I promise I will think about that.’

‘When?’ you asked.

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