Why Is the Dalai Lama Wearing a Tiny Visor?

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It’s Friday, so I thought I’d take a momentary break from depressing BP blog posts and FDA-directed fury, and write about something positive. And this, well, this is a lesson that never goes out of style:

As Go Yoga Jane reports, The Dalai Lama was recently in New York to teach at Radio City Music Hall, where he handled the brightly-lit stage by wearing a small visor to shield his eyes. A mentor of Jane’s was there, and Jane relays the visor’s significance:

Instead of asking the stage managers to change the lighting to his liking, [the Dalai Lama] turns it into a lesson. Work with things as they are.

We have moments every day to employ this lesson. It is so habitual to want to change, fix, complain about and control our environment. We spend quite a bit of energy doing so. Truthfully, most of what we spend time changing or fixing isn’t permanent anyway. There might be a little relief but then organically things return to their natural state.

Here is a little experiment which might be fun: Take one week out of your life and try to just deal with things as they are without the need to change them. It’s going to be hard … yes. Obviously if it affects your safety that doesn’t count. Common sense. I mean just the dumb little things that drive you crazy. The things you habitually complain about that really don’t matter.

Source:Go Yoga Jane

Image by Perfecto Insecto, licensed under Creative Commons.

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