Click-and-Vote Constituents

By Staff

<p>Committed citizens vote. But what about Peace Corps volunteers and embassy employees? Finding a polling place or postage for an absentee ballot can prove challenging in Cambodia or Cologne, even for Americans who have a personal stake in our international image. To ease that burden, the overseas branch of the Democratic Party instituted a new online voting system with this month’s Global Primary <a title=”reports Adriane Quinlan in the<I> New Republic</I>” href=”″ target=”_blank”>reports Adriane Quinlan in the<i> New Republic</i>
</a>. With an estimated 20,000 members casting ballots, Democrats Abroad will send 22 delegates to the Democratic National Convention, just one less than the state of North Dakota. Voting ended February 12, and, <a title=”after some technical glitches” href=”” target=”_blank”>after a technical glitch</a>, the group announced on Friday that three delegate votes are pledged to Obama, one and a half to Clinton, and another two and a half to be determined at the Democrats Abroad Global Convention in April.</p>
<i>–<a href=””>Lisa Gulya</a>

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