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Please Stop With the Indie Rocking

 by Keith Goetzman

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Just what is indie rock, and what does it sound like? Justin Spindler of the Ann Arbor-based record label Quite Scientific—an independent record label, it should be noted—suggests to the Detroit alt-weekly Metro Times that the term is useless as a genre label:

So what is Spindler doing to correct this cultural injustice? He’s putting out music by an electronic pop band called Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Now, to me, the name is amusing but little more than that, an example of hipsters kitschily appropriating NASCAR-nation imagery. (And actually, it does a poor job itself of conveying the band’s tenderly sweet pop sound.) But to Spindler the moniker is part of a righteous battle against indie-rock convention. I’ll let him explain:

(Thanks, Altweeklies.com.)

Source: Metro Times