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    Fall 2015 Utne Reader Table of Contents

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    Table of Contents: Fall 2015

    Out of View, Vol. 1


    The Ghosts of Tokyo
    A glimpse of Tokyo’s homeless men and the efforts to keep them hidden by Jacob Lynagh, excerpted from Arena

    Rigged System
    Women truck drivers are paving their own way through an often-hostile industry by Roxanna Asgarian, from Bitch

    Down in the Hole
    Hanging out with the disgruntled guys who babysit our aging nuclear missiles—and hate every second of it by Josh Harkinson, from Mother Jones

    Extinction Strategies

    Preparing for a Beautiful End
    How to live—and die—in a society that may soon begin to collapse by Joshua Neufeld, from Geez

    The Witness
    Opening our eyes to the nature of this earth by Paul Kingsnorth, from Tricycle

    10 Billion Years from Now
    A hypothetical peek at the future of Earth and its intelligent species by John Michael Greer, from Adbusters

    Emerging Ideas


    The Problem with the Immigration Problem
    What’s behind the belief that immigrant’s harm our society? by Elliott Young, from Oregon Humanities

    The American Are Coming
     American prosperity is already stratifying wealth and littering the streets of Cuba by Sarah Hill, from Boston Review

    Plastic Possibilities
    Adidas hopes to clean up the ocean one step at a time by Kevin Mataraci, special toUtne Reader

    A Small Town’s National Problem
    Gas power plant controversial in New York could repeat itself all over the country by Jessica  Cohen, special toUtne Reader

    Clearing Skies
    A journalist who fled China’s air pollution looks back and sees rays of hope by Adam Minter, from Sierra



    Twenty Hours and Ten Minutes of Therapy
    Reflections at 50 on being young, scared, and coming out by Allison Green, from The Gettysburg Review

    Almost Unendurable Beauty
    Disregarding the hope for normalcy in order to embrace the twice exceptional by Jocelyn Evie, from The Sun

    Mindful Living

    Glimpsing the Wild Within
    Coming to grips with the sacred violence of eating by Lindsey Hagamen, from Communities

    True Believer
    How do you know when you’ve crossed the line from activist to fanatic? by Jane Ganahl, from Spirituality and Health

    Mixed Media

    The Politics of Crime
    Crime novels represent South Africa;s new socially-conscious genre by J.L. Powers, from World Literature Today

    From a Tree to a Web
    Perhaps taking its cues from nature, the art world is becoming less hierarchical; critics should take heed by William Warmus, from American Craft

    Editor’s Note
    by Christian Williams 

    by Eric Utne

    Published on Sep 16, 2015


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