The Tumultuous Life of a Dinner Table

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If you’ve ever picked up The Sun, you’ve encountered their exceptional “Readers Write” section. Each issue readers write in on a theme. This time it’s the dinner table. There’s abuse at the table. There’s a roaming table and a death row table. And there are a few examples of the dinner-table-as-palimpsest–like reader L. Zuckerman’s portrait of a table her father made years ago, now marked with “crisscrossing lines from many knives and pizza cutters” and “wax from last year’s Hanukkah candles.”

Typical of TheSun‘s most consistently brilliant feature, it’s a heavy read and one you can’t put down. Want more? We’ve leaned on the magazine’s readers a few times, recently for a piece called The Purloined Library and another called Want to see the world? Start by staying home.

Source: The Sun

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