Cafe Utne goes Dot-Org

We’re pleased to announce that Cafe Utne, the groundbreaking
online discussion community we founded in 1995, has become part of
the new non-profit Utne Institute. The most visible change is that
the Cafe’s domain has switched from to
The Cafe will be inaccessible for a short time during the day on
Monday, May 3, while we make the switch. Please get ready to update
any links to the Cafe in your browser favorites.

Apart from the domain change, you won’t notice much else
different. The Cafe will continue to host discussions of articles
in Utne Magazine, and literally thousands of other conversations
started by our members [see ‘In the Cafe’ below]. But the Cafe, as
well as Utne Communities, our online community-building program,
will now belong to the Institute. We are also looking at creative
ideas to make the Cafe more of a resource to the larger progressive

One of the best things about this change is that your financial
contributions to Cafe Utne will now be tax-deductible. This does
not apply, unfortunately, to your past donations. But any new
donations you make to support this vibrant community will count as
charitable contributions. For more information about the Utne
Institute and how to support the Cafe, see

Please keep participating in the Cafe, and if you haven’t been
there in awhile, we welcome you to stop by again.

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