Letter From Nina Utne

Utne Reader started out 16 years ago with a vision of a greener, kinder world, a belief in the power of ideas and a conviction that small groups of people can make a genuine difference.

We believe in this vision more strongly than ever–and that’s why we are appealing directly to you.

If we–or the ideas and people we have advocated for–have ever made a difference to you, now you can make a difference to us. You can give a gift (to yourself or a friend) and renew your subscription at the same time! Follow this link to act now

Independent voices in every arena of society–especially media–are fighting for their lives in the face of mounting costs and a seemingly endless tide of consolidations. We are no exception. Utne Reader, as presently conceived, is unsustainable.

As a small, independently-owned, free thinking media organization, we are facing mounting financial pressures. The conventional business model of magazine publishing looks more and more like the emperor’s new clothes to us, so we are exploring new, sustainable ways of connecting with our allies–like making this appeal in lieu of sending direct mail.

This is where you can help us: We need to connect with kindred spirits who believe in the power of bold ideas and the importance of independent voices. Our editorial team, now led by veteran editor Jay Walljasper, is hotter than ever. We’re proud of our past but we know our best days are ahead of us.

Please spread the word about Utne Reader. Preface this message with an impassioned testimonial to the indispensability of independence and Utne Reader’s role as a champion of independent media—and forward it to your web of friends and allies.

Again, that link is: https://www.utne.com/gift/gift.aspx

Thank you for your help and may the light be with you.

Nina Utne and the Utne Reader Staff

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