Utne Does RSS

I’m happy to announce a new feature of Utne.com: RSS 2.0 syndication feeds. Now, those of you who have weblogs and RSS aggregators can easily subscribe to one (or all) of our three online headline feeds: Utne magazine (updated bimonthly), Utne Web Watch (weekly), and Utne Web Specials (several times a week).

In case you’re asking yourself, ‘what the hell is RSS and why should I care?’ it’s a simple way to keep tabs on the latest headlines from your favorite web sites, without using email and without having to keep visiting the sites. The next generation of web browsers will include ‘RSS aggregator’ pages, a sort of personal news page that lets you see the latest headlines from all your favorite sites in one place, automatically updated every time you refresh the page. Many services already provide aggregator tools for free or very cheaply. For more info, check out our syndication overview page.

Leif Utne
Senior Editor

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